Babbling Brooks

I have a ten year old who is a true talker and an eight year old who still asks why I do and say the things I do. Auuugh! I’m basically a quiet person and being around someone who talks all day is definitely a growing pain for me. I’m actually growing to learn to listen and yes, it hurts. Everyday is a new set of creative stories and this morning my youngest asked me why I sighed. Help me, Lord! Do I have to answer to every move I make and every breath I take? I’m so grateful that they enjoy sharing special moments and ideas with me and I refuse to let them know that sometimes I don’t want to listen. As they grow older, I’ll be praying they come to me with their joys and pains and want them to confide in me, so I better not bend the bond we share. We have what I call ‘space time’ and the three of us go to separate rooms for quiet time. I’m sure they get tired of me also (smile).
My own selfishness of not wanting to be bothered can definitely get in the way of a genuine mother/son relationship. I am their sole confidant for now and although I’m not here to be their friend, I want them to know they always have a friend in me. I’ll gird up and be prepared for the next creative story from my babbling brooks!