Foster Parenting

I always wanted to have the house that all the neighborhood children would want to come to and I believe it has happened. Be careful what you ask for! We live in a small neighborhood with very few children and it's very quiet on my street until my children go outside. There is another little boy a couple houses down and he spends alot of time at our home along with their friends from past soccer and baseball teams, church, and friends met through home school activities. It somewhat irritated me that there was ALWAYS someone else in the house and of course I had my favorites that were always welcomed. I began to realize that most of the children that spent time with us were here for one reason - love. My selfishness almost got in the way from the blessing God wanted to give these children through our family. It's always about me isn't it? (smile) Anyway, after working through my self-consumed emotions, I've realized how wonderful it is to be able to spend time with children outside of my own sons and express love. All children are not blessed to live in a healthy family environment, and I've learned to not assume they do. Whether they eat dinner with us or just come over to play, there is always an opportunity to show love to another child - we may be the only expression of love they see. I've always wanted to be a foster parent, and with the number of children that come in and out of our home, I believe I'm already doing it!