An Intimate Moment

Saturday morning I got out of bed shortly after 5 a.m. and quietly showered and dressed, so I wouldn’t wake my sleeping husband. I felt like I was being sneaky because I was preparing to spend some time with my first love and my husband wasn’t aware of this. I sat in my living room fully dressed and mentally preparing myself for the unplanned visit. This isn’t something I normally do on a weekend morning, yet my friend called and I didn’t hesitate to answer. My friend’s name is Jesus. We usually meet every weekday morning, yet He wanted some consecrated time Saturday. It was extremely quiet in the room - no television, radio, telephone, children laughing, husband talking, no Bible reading, no praying…just His powerful presence and imagining myself at His feet. After a while, my husband came looking for me and I had a big smile on my face – I was refreshed, rejuvenated, renewed and ready to tackle the day before the sun came up. Throughout the day, I smiled as I thought about how my first love touched me very early to spend time with Him. He loves me! It was a very spontaneous intimate moment. It leaves me speechless that Jesus desires to spend time with me more than I want to spend time with Him and I need Him! If it were up to me, I would have slept in. His unconditional love is mind-blowing. I think back on the day I accepted Him in my every thought and word was about Jesus. Nothing else mattered except being in His presence. This weekend I was reminded that the same love and quality time I want from my husband, Jesus wants from me - consecrated, contemplated time.