Labor Day

Laundry, cooking, cleaning, laundry, cooking, cleaning…it goes on and on and on. Labor Day is every day for mothers and if we aren’t careful, we can obtain an ugly attitude around the house as we pick up for and behind others. It’s a challenge everyday, yet having the right attitude about our never-ending tasks sure makes them a lot easier to deal with. I use to pray to find joy in cleaning toilets and washing the dirty laundry and dishes that never stop coming, yet realizing I have the ability to do laundry and dishes for my family is enough to be excited about. Everyone is not able. Thank God I have a washer and dryer! Knowing I have laundry to wash means we have clothes to wear – many clothes. That is something else to be grateful for. Dirty dishes? We had food to eat! I think we get the message. Instead of complaining about our Labor Days, be joyful that we have them and have the strength, energy, and power to labor!! We might as well make peace with our labor days because they are here for the rest of our lives. Happy Labor Day!