Make the Call

A woman’s hormones can make some days better than others. Before you know it, our mind can be overcome by evil thoughts, our spirit feels vexed, and our moods swing up and down like a see saw. Our hormones affect our tolerance levels, patience, and coping skills. Some women have it worse than others, yet there is a possibility of chemical imbalance in each of us at least once a month. Thank God we have minute-by-minute access to the one who can given us the stable manner we all desire. Calling on our Creator invites a sense of calm needed to get through the next minute. The key is to remember to call on Him! If we prolong the call, the unstable minutes keep coming and our actions and words tend to get out of control. This can become a pattern and before you know it, our disposition becomes a hostile one. Our minute-by-minute access to the throne is the key to our stability and peace of mind. Don’t wait until you’ve done something you regret to call; make it a habit to call on him and keep Him on your mind at all times. When we get out of control, somewhere along the day, we’ve taken our focus off Him. Have you called on Him today?