A Mother's Love

A Mother’s love is the most influential love on the face of the Earth. God has placed within the woman the responsibility to nurture His own, so surely He would give us the resources to get the job done. When a woman acts in her own will with her own determination, she will surely falter, yet when we allow Christ to be the Lord of our life and allow Him to work through us and with us, the love we offer and the power of influence is matchless. A Mother’s love is closer to God’s love than any other. Once we realize we can’t effectively fulfill the role of a mother without God’s power flowing through us, we are on our way to touching and empowering the lives in our care like we never imagined. God is all-powerful and to choose a woman to mother His own, is powerful in itself. My greatest accomplishment was admitting that I am nothing and can do nothing without God. I needed help to do all that God expects me to do – there is no other way. Once we surrender our life and our will to God and allow Him to control our thoughts and actions, our mothering skills will change, our attitude will change, and we'll realize the power placed within us as a woman and as a mother is supreme!