One Minute

Is it wrong to desire to be alone for just a minute? I don’t need all day – just a minute or two would suffice. A minute to put my feet up, read a book, watch a show on television (I like the Food Network), or just look at the walls without being disturbed would be nice. Many mothers feel guilty when they voice their desire to be alone, yet we are human – not super-human. We give, give, and give, so why would it be wrong to desire a minute of quietness to refuel so we can continue giving? It is a blessing to be needed by our family and friends, yet if we aren’t careful, they can drain us of every ounce of energy and time we have. Sometimes I wonder if my family wants me to have time alone. They seem to always find something to ask or show me, yet I’ve learned to turn them away until later without feeling guilty. I really get time alone in the shower. I escape to do-nothing, hear-nothing land in the world of aromatherapy and it is heaven! My husband says my showers are getting longer and longer, yet I come out feeling renewed and refreshed! If we don’t care for ourselves first, we are in no condition to care for others. We don’t have to leave the house to find a minute alone either – everyone doesn’t have this privilege. The important thing is to understand how beneficial a minute alone is to you and your family. Once we understand the value in this minute, others will value our minute alone also.