Peace and Prayer

I use to underestimate the power of prayer. If prayer is our only means of communicating with God, how in the world can we afford NOT to pray? If we have a full day of giving, giving, and more giving to our children, husbands, and other family and friends, it is crucial we begin our day in prayer. Asking our Heavenly Father to give us the strength and energy to get through the day gives us an edge on the day. Asking the Lord to give us an extra portion of patience and understanding increases our border of tolerance – those around us will be grateful (smile). Prayer keeps us focused, sane, and steadfast in our purpose as a woman, wife, and mother. Prayer gives us a calm attitude as unexpected incidents occur throughout the day. Praying in regards to our everyday responsibilities gives us a peace that can’t be explained! Prayer keeps us connected to our power source - God! When someone crosses your mind, say a prayer for him or her! When our children do foolish things, pray for them! When our husbands act like husbands, pray for them! When hormones act up, pray! When the telephone rings with a problem on the other end, say a prayer! Negative thoughts are destructive and they sometimes pop in our minds uninvited, yet they can be kicked out with a simple prayer! Mothers and Prayer are inseparable.