Prayer and Children

Our children will take us to our knees if we’ve never been there before. The developmental years, adolescent years, and the teenage years plus everything else in between brings issues, situations, and concerns capable of knocking us off our feet or dropping us to our knees. I believe in the power of prayer over our children’s lives and I’m also aware of the consequences in the lack of prayer for our children! Already, mothers are stressing school year attitudes, dispositions, and moods. We can turn our stress into rest through prayer. Talking doesn’t change anything; discipline lasts only for so long, yet prayer invites lifestyle changes. Pray for and with your children before school, pray and thank God for their safety when they return home, pray with them when they begin their homework, pray with them over dinner, pray with them in the evening as they recap their day, pray for their friends and teachers, and pray with them at bedtime. It doesn’t matter the age - prayer is powerful. Children need to know the power of prayer as they deal with peer pressure, encounter personal self-esteem issues, and the changes their minds and bodies experience as they mature into adults. Imagine your life without prayer – a child’s life is just as important.