School Time Prayers

It’s almost that time of year again and our children, regardless of age, may have a little adrenaline and anxiety running through their veins. Mothers also experience a variety of emotions as we prepare our children for a new school year. Who will their teacher be? What friends will they meet? Will they have trouble this year? Are they ready for a higher grade? Am I prepared for this year? It sure takes a lot more preparation than purchasing school supplies! Ensuring our children are mentally and spiritually prepared is the most important. They’ll be confronted by different personalities, various degrees of morals and values, peers with unconcerned parents, and peer pressure to match the day and age we live in. If you haven’t already been doing this, try praying with your children before they leave for school or before you leave for work. If this doesn’t work in the mornings, pray together at night. Knowing your children are covered in prayer is more than comforting and it makes them aware they have someone higher to answer to besides Mama. Yes, attitudes and disobedience must be confessed. Let your children know God sees everything they do even when parents aren’t around. Just because prayer is taken out of the schools doesn’t mean prayer can’t be in the children. Teaching them the power of a consistent prayer life prepares them for the world. Prayer for good study habits, good friends, good teachers, plus good ATTITUDES are just a few things that should be on our prayer list with our children. Let them see the power of prayer by showing them the power of God as he answers your prayers and begins making wonderful changes in your children.