A Weary Woman

Just when I get in my complaining mode and think of people to invite to a personal pity party, the Lord of my life steps in with a special world for me. He doesn’t like it when I have these parties (smile). Yesterday I was led to clean some areas in my home that have been neglected. I can’t blame it on football season because these areas were neglected before the boys’ practice season began. There was so much to do and I’ve allowed the dust bunnies to have their way. They are the ones having the party!! Anyway, after a full day of cleaning, it didn’t look like I had accomplished much and I was quite tired. This morning I looked at my unfinished mess and immediately felt exhausted, so I sat down to have my morning meditation. I was reminded how we are promised rest. The Lord said he would give us rest, so I decided to marinate on His promise. Most of our weariness is internal and as I concentrated on the fact that Jesus lives within me and He is my rest and peace, my weariness began to lift. Yes, I’m ready to begin another day of home-keeper responsibilities. It’s true that a woman’s work is never finished; yet thank God we don’t have to depend on our own power and determination. There is a higher power source that we can plug into!