Clean Up Day

One thing that gets under my skin is watching my family place dishes in the sink just knowing someone else will wash them. Last night when I came home from work the sink was full of dishes. It would not have been so bad if I left them dirty dishes, but I didn't. I left them a clean kitchen plus a meal to eat. Today is clean up day. I will not raise boys to think it is the woman's responsibility to wash the dishes. Wrong Mama!! They will leave this house knowing to help out around the house. I grew up watching my father wash dishes. He still says it's simple consideration for one spouse to cook and the other to wash dishes. I don't know what my boys will do when they get married, yet I will know they've been taught right. I think I'll put a sign up that says USE A DISH - WASH A DISH. We don't have a live in maid in this house!!