I'm Free!

I've released the boys' laundry - I'm free....sorta. I no longer wash their laundry and I explained to them as plainly as I could that if they don't have clean underwear or socks, it's not my fault. At ages twelve and almost ten, I think it's time. I've tried this before, yet got tired of seeing loads of dirty laundry in their bathroom closet, so I did it myself. This time, they'll have a laundry day and it must get done. I have to remind myself that I'm raising some young lady's husband and I want to make her job as a wife and mother a little easier. Okay, so I'm proud that my boys are doing their own laundry, yet embarrassed to say second born has already washed baseball raffle tickets. Ha! I guess I need to teach them to check pockets for pens, paper, bugs, and money!! Oh well, they can wash their shoes for all I care - I'm free...sorta (smile)