Circle of Emotions

We awake with a different emotion each morning. I don't know what happens during the night, but each waking day brings upon a different mood. We live in a cycle of emotions. It's great to awake full of joy, but it's a pain to feel like you've awaken on the wrong side of the bed - whatever that means. This morning I woke up FOUL. Yea, I'm a little tired and have a right to blame it on the peri-menopausal/PMS monster hormones, but if I had to meet a group of people for a meeting, I'd immediately change my attitude. If my doorbell rang, I'd greet the guest with a smile. If I was at work, I'd have a warm smile for each customer. Soooo, I really can control my emotions when I need to. With that being said, I will not put my family through my foulness just because I can. Sure, they understand me and will love me in spite of my mood, but they deserve the same warm smile and demeanor I would give a stranger, customers, or co-workers. It's not fair to them nor is it fair to my Self. Fellow Mothers, SMILE and have a good day!