Customer Service Continued

Ha! I knew I would be tested in the worse way with all my big talk about customer service. Well, I think I passed the test - at least I feel good about my reaction to the test. I came home from my half of a part-time job last night to a kitchen full of dirty dishes. They were stacked neatly next to the sink and the food was put away, but I wondered if the dirty dishes were stacked neatly just for me. Hmmm...maybe hubby is going to wash them! After all, I did leave him with a clean kitchen and dinner before I left for work.
Well, when I got home and saw the dishes, I didn't react at all. Hubby and the boys went outside to play basketball and I followed them to watch. I didn't give those dishes a second thought nor did I mention them. When we all came in the house, I exercised, took my shower, and went to bed - peacefully. When I awoke this morning and walked into the kitchen, the dirty dishes greeted me with a nice "GOOD MOOOORNING!" Wasn't that nice for them to wait so patiently for me? How sweet. Well, I cooked my husband breakfast at 5 a.m. and the dishes still didn't phase me. It's okay...they're just dirty dishes in the form of the enemy wanting me to GO OFF on my husband - but I won't.
As I said previously, I am not responsible for anyone's actions except my own. I will eventually wash the dirty dishes - in the name of Jesus. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me - in the name of Jesus. I can maintain my PEACE of Mind - in the name of Jesus. I can hold my tongue - in the name of Jesus. Have a good day ladies and remember...what are your actions saying about Jesus? "Hi, my name is wife and mother. How can I help you today?"