My Actions Speak

I had a conversation this morning with a Mom about giving our husband 100% customer service. She mentioned it's difficult to continue when they don't react to our service (the way we want them to). The key here is to remember why we are giving customer service. We don't give customer service to receive kuddos, pat on the backs, or favors in return - we do it because it's the RIGHT thing to do. God will make sure I am taken care of - yes, I'll get mine!!

We can't concern ourselves with how our husband responds; we can only do our part and let God handle the rest. This is where our trust and faith come in. It's so important for me to consider what my actions speak about Jesus. This thought process keeps me humble and in check in regards to everything I do and say. Yes, I get tired and become frustrated from feeling like a maid sometimes, but as I said before...if I can provide good customer service and a warm smile to people outside my home, surely I can do if for those entrusted in my care - for people I love and live with. Next! How can I help you, today?