Back to Bed

Every morning I spring out of bed between 4:30 and 5:00 a.m., to cook my husband breakfast, meditate, and pray with my prayer partner. I then get some quiet work done on the computer, exercise, and start breakfast for the boys before they awake. Well, this morning was just a little different. After cooking my husband's breakfast and praying, I jumped back into the bed for an hour and there will be no breakfast cooked for the boys. They're on their own this morning. Today, I just want to take it easy. Besides giving the boys a little homework and preparing dinner, I'm not doing much of anything. Oh yea...I have to put in a few hours at my half of a half part-time job this evening. A woman's work is never done, but my body is over-done and tired. I know I'm feeling the extra fatigue due to my monthly friend waiting to make a grand entrance. Well, at least I know I'm not legally lazy; I love passing the blame to the happy hormones.

A woman's body goes through so many physical changes that it's unbelievable! I think this is the area where the Superwoman title fits us. We don't wear the 'S' because of what we do, but because of what we ENDURE!