Burning the Candle at Both Ends

I spoke with a Mother yesterday who has left her family. I'm sure she'll eventually return, yet she was tired of not being appreciated. She is physically and mentally tired of burning the candle at both ends. Isn't this the story of many mothers and wives? Don't we all at some point on our journey feel like we are being taken advantage of or being used? I think we expect something in return for our calling, yet our family doesn't fully understand what we do or even how we do it all. All they know is that things get done and when things don't get done; they take notice.

Yesterday, I watched my husband come home from work, change clothes, and heat his dinner plate up in the microwave that was waiting for him. My immediate thought was, "Hmmm...I wonder what that feels like to come home and not have to cook." I could have immediately started something with him by making simple comments, but I held my tongue. It's easy to throw a pity party. It's easy to notice the benefits our family reaps from our hard work. It's also easy to realize they don't know how to appreciate us. They do what they know to do and that might be to say a simple 'Thank you' every now and then. We know they love and appreciate us, they just don't say it or show it as often as we want or need them to. I've learned not to take it personally. My role is more powerful than I'll ever be able to understand or appreciate, so how can I expect anyone else to appreciate it? I'm reminded to do everything unto the Lord and this helps me not to expect anything in return for my works at home; therefore, I'm not disappointed.
I guess we each have to learn to deal with these feelings in our own way. The important thing is to remember to TAKE CARE OF YOU. Remember that you are a key component in your home and before you can lovingly care for your family, you must be cared for FIRST. Be good to YOU!