Clean Thoughts = Clean Dishes

While washing dishes this morning, I realized a sink full of dirty dishes doesn't bother me like it use to. Washing dishes use to be a comfort for me, but when I watched the family use a plate or glass, put it in the sink or leave it on the counter, and walk away; I began to take offense to it. They just KNEW they didn't have to wash it. I took it personally because it made me feel like I was being taken advantage of. Well, my issue with the dishes is a thing of the past and this really isn't about dishes, but about how I allow things to stir me up and time eventually works things out. To put it plainly, my thoughts and attitude are the only things worked out. As with anything that has troubled me in the past...they no longer occupy my thoughts. What happened to them? Nothing...they are still there, but something obviously happened to me. I'm learn to get over things before they make me circle the drain. I can't change it, so why fret over it? Needless to say, as I washed the dishes and listened to the running water that is always so soothing to my mind, I realized my comfort returned - I returned. My clean thoughts led to clean dishes, a clean sink, plus a clean kitchen.