Do I or Do I Not?

Do I or do I not jack him up? Firstborn is turning into a complete absent-minded slob. Yes, I said it. There is no other way to describe it and to top it off, his pre-teen issues are trying to get the best of me. Soooo, when he gets an attitude because I continually tell him to pick up his belongings, do I jack him up or do I not jack him up? Just this morning I told him to wash his sheets and he told me he was using his sheets...he was in the bed. Excuse me? Why are you in the bed after 9 a.m. and why are you talking to me after I asked you to do something? No explanation needed, "GET THE SHEETS!" Agitated, he angrily walked away with disgust in his face and I quickly walked after him to jack him out of his attitude, but I pulled myself back. No, the Holy Spirit pulled me back because LaVender was in high pursuit. I was told this was the age children lose their minds, but they'll be back in a few years after they find themselves - hopefully, with a different mind(set). I don't want to lose my mind with him, so I better stay under control. No telling what I would have done if I continued walking behind him this morning. Okay, I know what I would have done...I would have JACKED HIM UP!