Don't Wait Til You're In Trouble

It's been a long time since my children have felt the rod, but yesterday, Second-born had to receive a few licks. He blatantly disobeyed me, which isn't common practice for him, and it had to be addressed. I spoke to him of the importance of obeying parents and God and having consequences for disobedience. I tried not to lecture, but as I spoke, I could see his regrets for his actions as his eyes filled with water. After a while, I felt like I needed to use more than my words to discipline, so I did. Since I waited, it wasn't out of anger, so his fragile feelings were probably hurt more than those three passive licks, but the message was enforced. The blessing in this was when I walked into his room to deliver his three licks, he was reading his Children's Bible. Lord, have mercy. I almost changed my mind, but I followed through. I also used that opportunity to share the importance of starting your day with prayer and the Word of God - from the jump! This helps us avoid some of the traps of deception and disobedience the enemy wants us to fall into. I pray today is a better day for Second-born and I will remind him to START the day in the Word - don't wait until you're in trouble!