Not a Wife or Mother

I didn't feel like being much of a wife or Mother this weekend, so I took some time off. I usually take advantage of out of town trips to take a break, yet this time I stayed right at home and didn't do a thing. I put my feet up, read a few books, watched some movies, and just did whatever I felt like doing - alot of nothing. I told my husband I'd be back (mentally) Monday, so he and the boys immediately stepped up to the plate. They cooked their own breakfast, ironed their own clothes, washed dishes, and everything. Soooo, you can function without me! Of course my Mother's touch is missing in a big way, but it's nice to see them do things for themselves. As I notice little things around the house not getting done or getting half done, I almost can't wait to get back, but for now....I'm enjoying my time off. I know I'll pay for this on Monday, but it's worth it for some much needed rest and my peace of mind.