Rest Your Mind

This weekend I limited any activity requiring mental abilities. I needed a mental retreat like I needed air, and the holiday weekend was right on time. There was no company, no cooking, no cleaning, and no business conducted. Resting my brain helped me realize the lack of attention I give my mind. I make sure my physical body is clean and conditioned, but I often neglect nurturing my mind. I also noticed how much concentration it takes to sit and meditate on nothing when you’re used to thinking about everything for everybody. Because I rested my mind, I feel amazingly refreshed and ready for another grinding week of being cook, maid, baker, mediator, teacher, taxi-driver, helpmate, and the many other hats I wear. Having quality meditation time also improved my tolerance level with situations that normally irritate me. Now I see why people who meditate on a regular basis are so peaceful. Hmmm…I need to take more time off. Mothers should be required to take a day off. Our mental capability to perform would definitely increase. Our minds are always occupied by what we’re doing or what needs to be done. Sometimes we sit to rest, but our minds are still busy! When we don't stop to renew our mind, we suffer from brain-overload and unwanted stress. I know; I’ve been there many times. I use to feel good about being able to do so many things and accomplish various tasks, yet as I get older, having my peace of mind is more important to me. Actually, I just want to keep my mind - period! When our thinking is cloudy and irritability becomes our shadow, it's time for a day off - time to rest our mind. Rest is a Mother’s secret weapon and meditation is enrichment for our soul.

Ecclesiastes 2:23 (NIV)
All his days his work is pain and grief; even at night his mind does not rest. This too is meaningless.