Show Me

My sons thank me for most everything I do for them. This warms my heart, yet I tell them to show how thankful they are by keeping their room clean, being obedient, and not getting an attitude when life doesn't go their way. I’ve told them this for a few years; however, while recently saying a prayer of thanksgiving, a Life Lesson for LaVender emerged. It humbles me when I pour into my children and God uses that very moment to reveal my own shortcomings and sins. My Heavenly Father not only wants to hear of my thankfulness, but wants to see the sincerity of my thankfulness through my consistent obedience to Him, forgiveness, and compassion. Loving my children unconditionally and being a supportive helpmate will also show how thankful I am for my never-ending blessings. It’s funny how I think the ethics of the relationship I have with my children differ from the father/daughter relationship I experience with my Savior. Why do I set standards for my children that I don’t always uphold? Do I think there are exceptions to rules of obedience because I’m an adult? If an adult can’t get it right, do I really expect a child to get it right? I examined myself as I considered the expectations put on my sons. As a parent, I am called to be a loving example, not a judge without mercy.
My life lesson is similar to this month’s Sherri Speaks titled, Do as I Say. Single Mother, Sherri, exposes a difficult decision she recently had to make to renew her relationship with her son and her God. Be encouraged today as we self-examine our walk as wives, mothers, and women of God.

1 Corinthians 11:1 Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.