Starting Over

Lord help me, I have a God-son. I don't know where the whole god-parent role derived from or what it truly means, but I'm one to three children and the one pictured lives in the same city as I. This cute little fellow just turned two and has definitely made me step into a motherly role with him.
My sons are finally at self-sufficient ages and here comes Pookie. Pookie, where did you come from? Pookie what do you need from me? Pookie, do you want a cookie? Pookie, what am I supposed to do with you? Pookie, why are you looking at me? Pookie, when am I supposed to baby-sit you? What? Pookie, you aren't potty-trained yet? Pookie, I love you, but good grief!
May God bless the Mothers of infants and toddlers. I've been there, done that, and have two t-shirts, but Pookie is here, so I guess I'm starting over!