A Woman's Work

A woman's work is truly never done. There is always something to do - always. As soon as laundry is finished, another load appears. As soon as the kitchen is clean, another sink load of dirty dishes pops up. As soon as the floor is swept and mopped, someone spills something or tracks dirt in the house. We won't even discuss toilets - especially if you have boys. I finally got around to cleaning the blinds and windows in a few rooms in the house. It was a wonderful feeling of accomplishment especially since I hate doing windows. While hanging the clean blinds back up, I caught a glimpse of the sunlight shining on dust hanging from the ceiling fan. Good grief. If I had not washed the windows, I may have never noticed the dust. It's enough visible work around the house without having the spotlight on dust I don't see. Oh well, I find comfort in knowing it's understood that a woman's work is never done. To me, this means I'm never expected to be finished with my housework, so that dust can hang from the ceiling fan for just a little while longer.