Your Passion

Many women forget they were a woman FIRST before they became a wife and mother. We get caught up in nurturing others and as usual, we forget to nurture ourselves and our gifts and talents. We were women FIRST - full of life with passion. What's your passion? Cooking, politics, scrapbooking, exercising, sewing, decorating, music? These passions sound like hobbies and that's okay. Passion is something stirring deep within our soul. It's something we are driven to do without pay or recognition. My passion is writing. I love to write. Even when I'm not physically writing, I'm writing in my head.
It's sometimes hard to find time for our passion, but our passion should be followed. I try hard not to let my family replace my passion. Replacing my passion would be like taking away a piece of me. Passion brings joy. Passion gives purpose to our being. I ask again, what's your passion? If you aren't sure of what it is, now is a good time to search yourself and find out. What do you enjoy doing for yourself? Is there something that you feel strongly about? Is there a cause you desire to support? Follow your passion and live a passionate life!