Don't Get Comfortable

Saturday afternoon, I stopped for a minute and realized how calm the day had been. Hubby was cleaning the garage, the boys were swimming, and I was in the kitchen doing what I do. My thoughts were peaceful and pure and I was relaxed and happy. I thought how nice it was to have a day absent from busyness and havoc. Not long after my serene thoughts, I was led to pray as if something was about to happen. The Holy Spirit reminded me not to get comfortable in the goodness of life, but to pray as if I was going through a rough storm. It’s great to enjoy life, but I was like a kite flying in the wind. I was prompted to remain grounded and on guard. I was reminded how the enemy waits for the Mother to get comfortable in her prayer life, so he can stir up mess. A distracted Mother is the enemy's best friend. I was reminded of the protection prayer offers my family. Isn’t it funny how we stay at the feet of Jesus when we’re going through a storm? Storms kick up our prayer life a notch or two. The enemy never sleeps and is always on his job; therefore, I must always be on my job. Soldiers don’t sleep on the front line, so this soldier must always be alert and ready for daily spiritual battle. Our Saturday continued to be a peaceful one and the entire weekend went well. Today is a new day. Yes, I started my day in prayer, but I won’t get comfortable! I won't get caught in a storm without my umbrella - prayer is my covering. I will remain on guard and maintain a praying spirit throughout the day.

I Thessalonians 5:17 (NKJV)
pray without ceasing.