Everyday is Labor Day

One night at football practice, second born accidentally locked the keys in the car. My husband was about 45 minutes away in school, so we sat at the field and waited for him to arrive. While we stood next to the car, the boys wanted to find constellations. After teaching most of the day, I was tired and really didn't feel like using my brain. I tried to act interested as we looked up at the sky. The coach who was nice enough to wait with us asked me if I would tutor some of the boys on the team one night a week. I immediately thought to myself, "I don't feel like teaching my own sons and now you want me to tutor someone else?" Good grief, can I get a break? After I got over my one minute selfish party, I agreed to help. I'm at the field anyway, so I chose to do the right thing. Sigh...every day is Labor Day for Mothers. Everyday is a teaching day and every moment offers a teaching opportunity. Thank God for Mothers and have a happy Labor Day!