Get Away From Me!

Lately, it seems I'm surrounded by negative thinking people. I try hard to find the good in everything - even my son's nasty room. I can change my own negative thoughts, but I can't change what comes out of another person's mouth or what they think. One thing I can choose is the company I keep! So, you don't have anything good to say? Get away from me! Keep that dark cloud over your own head! Life is short and I choose to enjoy it to the fullest, so I can't allow my mind to be cluttered with the stinkin thinkin' of others. My marriage, my children, my career, my home, my Self - these are all things exposed to outside influences and if they aren't protected from negative people with negative vibes, they will be negatively influenced. I have enough problems trying to keep my own mind clean, so why expose myself to the negative mess of the world - including people. This world is not easy to live in, but trying to find the good in everything and everybody sure does help. Choose to be happy! Choose to enjoy life! Choose to have a good attitude! Choose to be loving! Choose to be kind to others! Choose to smile! Choose to be patient! Iron those frown wrinkles out of your forehead and choose to find the good in ALL THINGS. Have a fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!