Lazy Day

It's pouring down rain and the boys are still sleeping. Last night was their first night of football practice, so I thought I'd have a little mercy and let them sleep in a while. I've had my warm oatmeal with walnuts and I feel like getting my favorite purple blanket and curling up on the sofa and watching television. Sigh...can I call in sick? Who do I call? I thank God for the Holy Spirit because I know deep inside me is a lazy woman. If I didn't know to call on my help from above, I would definitely spend quite a few days on the sofa. My husband would probably think I'd lost my mind, and my children would think I was sick.
I know God is real because I feel Him stirring deep in my soul on these days when I just can't seem to get going. His power ignites me and I'm able to go above and beyond the call of duty. Just calling the name of Jesus gives me the power to move. If you've ever had a day where you don't feel like cleaning, cooking, or being a wife and on Jesus! He employed us, so He'll give us the resources we need to get the job done. Time to go to work! Thank God for Jesus!