Pearls of Wisdom

I've heard the phrase 'words of wisdom' referred to as 'pearls of wisdom'. This is so fitting because the words of the older women in my life are definitely as valuable as a pearl ... if not more. I remember one particular woman telling me that if she had school-aged children during this day and time, she would awake early just to cover her children in prayer before sending them off to school. Her words replay in my head often and although I don't send my children off to school daily, I'm reminded to pray for them each morning and throughout the day. I can't afford to get comfortable in my prayer life just because they are in my care most of the day. The enemy is still busy and a Mother's prayers offer protection from dangers seen and unseen. Have you prayed for your children today? Have you asked your Heavenly Father for His grace and mercy in regards to your children? Have you asked for His protection over them? If not, take a moment and cover God's children in prayer. He has entrusted us with His children, so we must do everything possible to love and protect them. Never send a child out unprotected!