We all have concerns that can easily turn into worries. Our homes, marriages, children, jobs, and school are just a few concerns of life. The key to not allowing our concerns turn into worries is prayer. Want to worry less? Pray more! A simple concern can begin to weigh on our minds so heavily that we begin to spend alot of time thinking about it. Most of the time we're thinking about something we have no control over. Instead of using that valuable time thinking, turn the thoughts into prayer with God. Cast your cares on Him! Need a job? Need gas money? Children acting up in school? Husband not being so lovable? Need to make a big decision? Instead of allowing these concerns to marinate in our minds and turn to worry, pray about them. Yes, the thoughts will come back again and again, but as soon as they do, PRAY! This takes practice, but it works. We have to program our minds to not worry. We have to condition ourselves to be prayerful. Prayer removes worry. Prayer offers peace of mind.