Can't Wait Until Tomorrow!

My husband always looks forward to Fridays. I remind him that we don't know what Friday holds for our family, so enjoy today. Well, he found out that he has to work this Saturday, so his Friday joy was tainted a bit. Now, I guess he can't wait until Saturday, so he can enjoy his time off on Sunday. Whatever! I told myself a long time ago, that I would enjoy every day because something exciting happens everyday - I open my eyes! We can truly only live in the moment, so to look beyond the present can be a waste of our already limited time on Earth. What do you think? When we say we can't wait until tomorrow, are we saying we aren't content with today? Yes, it's fine to look forward to special occasions and events in our life, yet the next minute is not promised to us, so let's be excited about RIGHT NOW! Don't waste today, thinking about tomorrow.