Character Class

Last night, I made my children get out of bed to clean their room. It was a disaster and they told me they had already cleaned it. I found one's clothes behind the other's bed, clothes in the sock drawer, and piles of stuff in every corner. Don't they know if they just keep their room clean, life will be a little easier for them? Lord, have mercy. I wonder about the decisions my children make and what goes through their minds. Lately, I've been prompted to put more time in our character training. Teaching children character is so important. Character is what will help mold their values, morals, and allow them to make right choices. Children grow so fast and before you know it, our opportunities to pour into them will be gone. Each day is another opportunity to give our children something they can keep for the rest of their lives. Life lessons of how to treat others, responsibility, honesty, truthfulness, obedience, cleanliness, discipline, perseverance, humility, initiative, the list goes on and on. Character defines the essence of who we are and our children will be successful in whatever road they travel with good character. Begin today and take advantage of every opportunity to teach a life lesson on character. Academics isn't the only thing that will take a child through life.