Mental Stresses

Some mornings I pop out of bed like a spring chicken and other mornings I don't want to move. The body is amazing as it reacts to the stresses of life that we allow and those we have no control over. With this being the case, I must not allow unnecessary stresses in my life. I must pick my battles with my children, my husband, my career, and especially those personal battles that arise in my mind. Sometimes, I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to mental stresses. Every situation doesn't require a fight. Every issue that bothers me, doesn't need all my attention. Every person that offends me doesn't need a reaction from me. Feeling physically drained has got to be partially contributed to our mental state. Where are you mentally this morning? Where will you go this evening? Where will you allow yourself to go, mentally, over the weekend? Keep the peace in your home, your marriage, your job, and especially in your mind.