The Buck Stops Here!

It seems that I have a permanent smile on my face since I've been on my mental retreat. Hmmm...what does this mean? I'm not sure I want to return from my retreat because I'm loving it! My blood pressure is also lower than it's been in a long time. Hmmm...what does this mean? Why have I been stressed in my own home? Why do I feel pressured to do the things I enjoy doing? Okay, it's time for table discussion with the family. Now that the boys are older, I shouldn't have to do everything in the house. I believe I do everything because of my control issue. If you want something done right, do it yourself. That's the old saying and that's what I use to live by. Well, I no longer care if it's done right or done at all. The buck stops here! My health and mental well-being is more important than seeing an empty laundry basket and a clean kitchen sink. Sitting next to clothes on the sofa isn't so bad after all - especially when they are warm! I won't bother them if they don't bother me - not until I'm good and ready. Stress free days, here I come!