Come To My Party

I had a party this weekend and nobody attended. It all began Saturday morning when I chose to sleep in a little longer than usual. Once I awoke, I prepared my three men for another long day at the football field. I cooked them breakfast and packed them a lunch. I stayed behind to work our new family business, and noticed I didn’t leave myself a lot of time to get myself ready. This is when I decided to host a party- a pity party. Several questions began to race through my head - What about me? When do I get breakfast? Why do I have to cook and wash dishes? Does anybody care? I began to blame my family, but quickly figured out why this frantic football weekend was different from past weekends. Well, I didn’t plan properly, which left me hungry and rushed. I wanted my family to feel sorry for me and almost ruined the weekend with damaging thoughts, which resulted from a bad choice. Sleeping in isn’t a bad thing, but this particular day, I had much to do about everything, so sleeping in was not an option. It’s so easy to blame others for our personal mess. My no-show pity party reminded me to take ownership for the daily choices I make, which impact my attitude, the day, relationships, and every piece of my life. When I allow God to guide me in my decision making, my days run smoother, my thoughts are clearer, and I feel confident knowing God is at the helm. So, did I sleep in this morning? No way! I awoke extra early for another type of party – a take care of me party - a God-guided decision.

Psalm 31:3 (NKJV)
For You are my rock and my fortress; therefore, for Your name’s sake, lead me and guide me.