Hard Times?

Yesterday, a young girl came into the shop to buy a cupcake and asked if we accepted food stamp cards. The last time I saw a food stamp, it was an actual stamp, so I asked to see it. To my amazement, it looked just like a debit or credit card, so I tried it in the machine. The machine did not accept it, so I gave her a cupcake. Last week, a woman asked me to buy her a can of sardines, Spam, a loaf of bread, and a couple other items, so I did. Also recently, while at a stop light, I saw a young Mother waiting at the bus stop with three very young children looking burdened and tired. I was tired also, but I was sitting down driving a car. God reminded me in each situation I witnessed, just how blessed I am. Hard times? Yes, but my cup still runs over with blessings. Being able to open a business in a shaky economy is a blessing. Being able to open my refrigerator and have a choice of what to eat is a blessing. Walking in my bedroom closet with a choice of what to wear is a blessing. Yes, I sometimes count pennies, but at least I have pennies to count. Last time I counted, they made a dollar! There’s another world out there I am ignorant to while I shut the garage to my warm home of comfort and cross my legs. I thank God for shaking me back into reality. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Hard times? No, I can’t go out and purchase a new outfit with new shoes right now and it's not in the family budget to eat out tonight, but we aren’t eating Spam or sardines out of a can either. We’re rich in health, life, and strength!

Psalm 41:1(NKJV)
Blessed is he who considers the poor; The LORD will deliver him in time of trouble.