Memory Lane

This morning I was looking for a special message from God to help me begin another demanding week as wife, mother, chauffeur, teacher, baker, cheerleader, manager, nurse, friend, and every other hat I wear. I used my favorite Bible, which is over 20 years old and falling apart. The books of the Bible aren’t even in the correct order, but I love it because it’s full of notes and highlights. This Bible has been with me through my days as a single woman and has taken me through 15 years of marriage, pregnancy, miscarriages, the birth of two sons, health and sickness, financial circumstances, friendships, my twenty year Naval career, and every other matter in my life. A few of my past trials resurfaced as the highlighted scriptures took me down memory lane. I smiled as I recalled how some situations seemed like such a big deal then, but looking back, I now see them as simple matters – light afflictions. Particular highlighted scriptures reminded me of how I walked through the storms of my life. My worries cease when I trust. My faith increases when I believe. My burdens are relieved when I cast my cares, and I am delivered when I surrender. I definitely received the special message I was seeking this morning. The same God that walked with me through my past situations is still walking with me. His word has not changed. He is the same God he was yesterday and He’ll be the same God tomorrow. There is no need for concern when things are shaken or changed in my life as long as I stand on the solid promises of God. His word is constant and He is forever faithful. My walk down memory lane reminded me of how God has always worked in my life, yet it also encouraged and strengthened me for today.

Isaiah 40:8 (NKJV)
The grass withers, the flowers fades, but the Word of our God stands forever.