Out of the Box

So often, we live our lives in a box. We think our life is and will remain the same forever because we get stuck in our ways and comfort zones. We serve a creative, powerful God and living a life of obedience opens the door to our life changing drastically. Our lives could change tomorrow, but we limit God by not acknowledging His awesome power.

My son's birthday is next month and he asked for $300 dollars. Ha! I told him to go look at his room and let me know if he deserved $300 - he didn't move. I went on to tell him how he could have almost anything he wanted if he just did what he was responsible for in the house and take some initiative to do some things on his own (outside of when he wanted something.)
Our Heavenly Father is the same with us. He has special blessings waiting for us, but we are disobedient and try to run our own lives. What reason does he have to bless us beyond the grace blessings we receive everyday? Our Father is a King! He owns everything, so why in the world would His children be without? Let Jesus out of the box and live in obedience!