A Sacrifice Worth Making

I haven't taken the time to blog all week and I'm feeling the blogger blues! Actually, is it that I haven't taken the time or is that I haven't had time? Since the family opened The Dessert Stop, my time is monopolized and there is little time left for me. I'm okay with this because it's a sacrifice worth making. If I have to bust my butt to make a better life for my sons' future, than this is what I'll do. It seems everything I do is for my family and this is just something else added to the plate. The boys spend alot of time at the shop also as I implement Business 101 into their homeschooling curriculum. They especially enjoy serving the customers and receiving tips, but things go a little sour when it's time to clean up and wash dishes. Oh well, they too, are making a sacrifice. They really won't understand the benefits of hard work until they have to work themselves.