Daily Hugs

I'm not a touchy kinda person at all, but as a mother, I try to hug my boys at least once a day. Actually, the boys initiate the hugs every morning when they awake. They come to me with sleep still in their eyes and morning breath to hug their Mama. I wish the entire day was as loving and compassionate as our morning hugs, but reality must set in and life happens (smile).

Well, after life has happened and we have experienced our full day of duty, the boys return to their father and me with an evening hug to say goodnight. After all that has been said and done, after all the attitudes have unveiled, and discipline has been done, the evening bear hugs make everything okay. Everything really is ALRIGHT!

It's a blessing to live in the reality of life. My family is far from being perfect, but love conquers all and the daily hugs are God's reminder that He covers and keeps us from sunrise to sunset.