Reality Recession

Hubby was sent home today because there was no work for him. As an HVAC Tech, there is always someone needing heating or air conditioning work, but there's a recession in the air. This is about the fourth time he's been sent home in three months. I thank God he hasn't been sent home permanently. I don't truly realize the reality of our nation's recession until it hits home. When gas prices were sky high, we dealt with it, but reality still had not hit enough to make it a reality. Reading about it in the paper, hearing stories from friends and family, and watching the news just doesn't get it. I believe everyone will feel this reality before it gets better in some form or fashion. What do we do? Keep pressing on - keep saving - keep praying! God is in control!

I think of the single mothers who are feeling the heat and have nobody but themselves to depend on. I can't begin to imagine. It's thoughts like these that allow me to be just a little more thankful for my working husband.