Rise and Shine!

Every morning, I awake my children by saying, "Rise and shine, give God the glory!" I then walk out of their room and give them a minute to accept the fact that sleep time is over. I've been doing this for years and it's my way of reminding them of who kept them through the night and touched them to see a new day. When they come to say good morning and issue my morning hug, I tell them to start their day with Jesus. Before we begin to use His eyes, His ears, His legs, His arms, His mouth, His everything....we should give thanks and acknowledge God as our Creator.

I believe if I train my sons early to start their day with Jesus, as adults the habit will already be formed. I won't always be around to comfort and encourage them, but they'll always have an Almighty God to call on. We don't know what shape the world will be in when our children are adults, but knowing they'll start their day the right way will definitely help shape their day!