What's For Dinner?

Hubby came home from work Friday and asked the one question that makes my head hurt - "What's For Dinner?" Auuuugh! My reply to hubby was, "Tongue." Whenever I don't feel like cooking, I tell my poor family to chew on their tongue. I know, I'm such a loving wife and mother. Well, cooking is my least favorite domestic task and hubby knew this when he married me. It's an effort for me to go into the kitchen. Every now and then, I'll get an urge to cook with some excitement, but it's rare, veeeery rare. I'm a baker, not a cook and YES, there is a difference (smile).

The key to my lack of love for cooking is planning ahead. If I plan the meal the day before, it's less effort for me, but going into a cold kitchen and looking at a frozen chicken hours before dinner time is disaster for me. This is what happened Friday and no, I didn't cook and yes, my family survived. Hey, everyone gets a day off from work, right? What about the cook? When is the cook's day off? Hmmm...today is Saturday. I wonder if hubby will want to eat today? Dare I not cook two days in a row?