Be Encouraged!

I have quite a few friends battling with weight and each, in their own way, has made it a priority to strive for a healthier lifestyle. Although I don’t share the same struggle, I do struggle to exercise daily or my blood pressure will go through the roof. It’s only by the grace of God that I get off my butt each evening or morning and move my bones to get my heart rate moving at a pace to make a difference in my health. It would be robbery to have anyone think I exercise just because I enjoy it or because I’m so obedient in regards to caring for my temple. No, that’s not the case; exercise is a necessity for my life.

Many of us silently struggle with the depth of frustration of weight or some other physical or character flaw, while a few others choose to boldly share and seek support. We’re often embarrassed of mistakes or bad choices, but doesn’t everyone make mistakes? We don’t want to disclose our mess, but what can we learn from a flawless woman or a seemingly perfect mother? Isn't this what life is all about? Learning from one another?

My dear friend, Sandy, is on a quest to lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle. She recently posted a full body picture of herself on her blog for all to see and also shared her actual weight. She has opened her weight loss journey for others to follow. Not only is she encouraging others through her selfless act, but she was a reminder to me of the power of my testimony. My trials and triumphs are not for my own gratification. Sharing my storms may be another’s strength. Whatever your quest is, whatever trial you are in the midst of, or whatever your struggle is, remember it’s not always about you. Be led to share your story and bless someone else!

Drop in on Sandy's journey and be encouraged. Feel free to leave her a comment of encouragement as she encourages us to share our mess!

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2 Corinthians 7:13 (NIV)

By all this we are encouraged.