The Good Parent

My pastor made a comment yesterday about ‘good’ parenting which led me to evaluate my parenting skills. He made his comment after one of the High School Seniors gave a brief presentation during service. This student is very talented, smart, and respectful. While my pastor acknowledged the parents of this young man, a few questions came to mind. What is ‘good’ parenting and who sets the standard for it? Which parents would I choose to emulate? Where do I stand on the ‘good’ parenting scale? I later thought of some of the other students in my church family and the love and time their parents have obviously poured into them. It’s ironic that my husband and I were recently talking about this very subject. ‘Good’ parents? I’m not sure if we fit the mold, but we are parents that love God and the children He has entrusted in our care. If our boys have any qualities resulting from ‘good’ parenting, it’s definitely because of God’s grace – not us. I guess I answered my own questions. Good parenting is Godly parenting and God has set the standard – He is my example. Where do I stand? God is my judge and I will have to stand before Him and give account for my role as a parent. Motherhood is my first ministry - everything else is secondary.

This first Monday of February, I have a fresh anointing. I will embrace the privilege and honor of being a parent for two of God’s children. Yes, I will continue to have challenging and trying days, but knowing God is in control lightens my load. I am just a vessel allowing God to raise His children through me. Yes, I speak with confidence and boldness - the boys are still sleeping (smile). When they awake, I plan to have a marvelous Monday in Motherhood. Let us all have a joyful day in Motherhood!

Psalm 127:3 (NKJV)

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.