Peace Robbers

As a mother who shares the power of keeping our PEACE of mind in the midst of our challenging days, I am faced with new peace robbers everyday. I guess I can call them stresses, issues, or even battles. Whatever they're called, I'm tested daily, throughout the day. These continual tests are teaching me the power of walking away and being Christ-controlled in the midst of the test.

As a homeschooling family, I allow the boys to do their school work wherever they are comfortable - kitchen, living room, reading room, outside, etc... Well, this morning I walked in first-born's room to check on his progress and he's in the bed - yes, in the bed UNDER the cover with his books! He was also listening to irritating Rap Music. This did not rub military mama the right way. I go off on him and tell him to get out of bed, turn the music off, and concentrate on his studies or do I walk away? What would you have done?

Well, after we exchanged a very long, silent stare at each other, I turned and walked away. This was one of those peace robbers I chose not to give into. Later today, I'll address his homework posture and let him know it's not acceptable (not for me). I understand he's a teenager and his growing body requires more rest, but there is a time for everything. If he were in school, he sure wouldn't be on his assigned cot with a blanket! At least not in the 8th grade!

So you see, at the moment, I chose NOT to disturb MY PEACE, but walk away from it and address it later when I'm better equipped- mentally. Son, today....just get your homework done.