What About Them?

It's almost midnight as I sit here at my computer feeling blessed that my day is finally coming to an end. I have poured out my last drop and have nothing else to give. It's time for rest and renewal.

My thoughts went to the many blogs and websites available and full of encouragement for tired, weary mothers. It's a blessing to let my fingers click a few keys and be opened to a world of encouragement and revival.

Wait a minute. What about the mothers without this convenience of renewal and support?

What about the mothers unable to afford a computer or Internet service?

What about the victims of domestic violence under the hands of controlling partners not allowing them to enjoy Internet conversations and connections with a possible support system?

What about the the mothers in rural areas where an Internet service isn't even available?

What about the mother that can't read? What about these mothers?

I thank God for bringing these mothers to my attention - again. I said a prayer for them since that's about all I can do at midnight. They sure can't benefit from my thoughts or a possible typed word of encouragement. Am I preaching to the choir? Have I forgotten about a network of mothers outside of my comfort circle?

One of my most favorite songs by Yolanda Adams has been placed on the site to remind me to pray for the mothers without the convenience of this instant support and encouragement I benefit from. Have mercy, Lord.